So its almost June and I know for a while now that the COVID-19 is slowly killing the workplace I work in.

I have been working for 6 months at Bio-T when it became clear that COVID-19 is here to stay. The company that we were doing a project for was showing signs that the project will not continue for long.

While I’m a software developer by profession I spent the last 12 years managing a family owned company. The company had its ups and downs and we decided to sell it in 2018. I stayed for a year after the sale and decided that I need to do something else. Maybe go back to being a software developer? Maybe start a new company? I wasn’t sure.

I decided that as a first step I’ll brush up on my coding skills by learning to develop for Android and create some sample projects. After 6 months I was ready to go back to the Hi-Tech scene. I created some Android project and was in the middle of creating my first real app called Shouter when I was offered an entry job at Bio-T.

I accepted and began working as a backed developer.
I had a blast. at the things I missed in the last decade. All the progress that was done in so many technology fields was something that I really missed.
I learned a lot and contributed a lot but alas the end was in sight.

By the end of may I was told that I’m going to have to go on furlough for at least 2 months with the good possibility of it being permanent.

While I was sad I did look at that as an opportunity. I immediately enrolled in 2 online coursed to better understand CI/CD concepts and working with Docker and Jenkins. The courses were great and I quickly finished them.

But now what? another course? React sounds nice? but then what?
I decided not to wait and look for a new job – a better one…