I began to look for a new job.
LinkedIn is my first place and I found a decent amount of jobs that I think I can do well. I also browsed Facebook and finally woken up which I find as a good match for both job search applications that doesn’t bother you too much.

The offers started coming some looked very promising and some plain boring. Nevertheless, I applied to most of them just to see what is my position in the market.

After 2 weeks I cam to these conclusions:

  • My CV is problematic because recruiters are not sure how to handle a person who left the Hi-Tech industry for more than a decade and now wants to go back.
  • I personally find it more challenging to do product management than actual development.
  • I am really attracted to the gaming industry but I’m sure that feeling is mutual 😒

While I did get actual job offers, I was afraid I would lose interest too fast and thought it would be really unfair to the companies, especially if these are small companies who can’t really spend cash on training employees and then letting them go. Trust me I’ve been there and its really frustrating hiring the wrong person.

So I’m back to square one. Whats next?