Well, I have an idea. It’s very raw, but I have a great feeling about it.
But you might know this already that an idea is not enough. We often encounter a new device/tech/company that made something that we thought about. Then comes the What The F#@^(*@ moment.

[su_quote style=”default”] BUT THAT WAS MY IDEA!!![/su_quote]

We have to understand that an idea with the implementation of it is worth nothing or something very close to nothing. It’s always the implementation that takes the hard work even if the idea was clever or something that no one else thought about.
The problem is that we all have ideas but no clue on how o proceed with them. So we keep them a secret until we find out that someone else has implemented them.

So I am exactly in the same position now. I have no idea on how to proceed. The one thing that I do have (and didn’t about a decade ago) is a bit more courage and the understanding that even taking a step in a general direction is a good one. In most cases it will lead you to somewhere you did not expect.

So I decided that that the first step will be to understand if anyone else has done this already ….