Talking minions

After thinking and thinking and thinking….
I got to the point of having the idea in my head.

I jotted down a few notes but nothing more than that.
I decided to see if there are any companies that already do what I thought about. My idea can’t be really that new, could it?

I spent more than I week trying to find something similar but couldn’t. Since this is all new to me it could be that I’m just new at this, so I decided to try and locate some people that are already doing things like that.

Searching got me to some Facebook groups that I quickly signed up to. After then I posted some questions and got some responses that weren’t very helpful. But I could understand from them who are the people that have some knowledge about what I was looking for. I contacted them privately and started a conversation about the matter.

Quickly it became apparent that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was going from one subject to another. diving into the details and coming back up to the idea leaving the listener confused.

The first advice that I received was to create a pitch deck.
For you who are not familiar with this term, a pitch deck is a presentation going through your idea quickly. It should explain the problem, your solution, the market share, prospect, and any other relevant information that you may have. It shouldn’t be too long or too short and finally should persuade the listener to participate in your endeavor, whether its with technical or professional help or of course financial investment.

That was a sold idea. The pitch deck will not only helps others understand what you are after, it also helps you understand what you want from the idea. It makes you go into to the finer details of your idea and so will help distill the main components of it from the distractors.

I began to work…